Moran Michigan


Moran, Michigan (4559'39"N, 8449'51"W, pop. 200) is the biggest town of its size in the world. My searches of the Internet over the years for some evidence of the recognition it deserves have come up empty. This is a modest attempt to remedy the situation.

I lived in Moran from the time of my birth in 1947 until 1962. Even then, Moran was long past its heyday. At one time it boasted an opera house, an amusement park, two sawmills, and regular rail service. Now, there is one gas station/grocery store instead of the two gas stations and two grocery stores of the 1950's, and the rail line has been torn up and is now a snowmobile trail.

Please visit William Luepnitz's History of Moran for a description of the early days.

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