Moran Michigan


If you are one of the two people in the whole universe who may have pictures of downtown Moran over the years, I would love to have copies.

Evidence of early gang activity in Moran, circa 1930. Bottom left is my mother, Annie Schlehuber. The Lawrence Soeltner home is in the background.
I'll bet you never saw 22 guys who would walk outside in the snow to have their picture taken with pool cues before!
Frank Luepnitz
Early section crew for the Deluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railroad. L-R -  ?, Adolph Wartella, Adolph Litzner, Philip Becker, John Brady, Rudolph Wartella (Foreman), Edward Wartella.
Here we have Frank Christensen, Con Becker, and Charlie Litzner at the Moran Train Depot. Not only is the depot gone now, but so are the tracks. Photo courtesy of Andrew Kaminsky.
Bert Ellsworth and his wife (in the car) and Frank Luepnitz in the background outside the Moran Garage. Photo courtesy of Andrew Kaminsky.

Search party for Anna Soeltner who went missing in the woods.

Back row, L-R - Herman Kaminski, Fred Litzner, ?, Harry Langstaff, John Becker, Fred Litzner, Philip Becker, Frank Becker, ?, ?, held up by ?, ?, ?, ? held up by ?, ?, Station Agent, Ernest Langstaff, Louis Wartella, held up by ?, ?, ?.

Middle row, L-R - ?, ?, ?, ?Luepnitz, William Kaminski, Charles Litzner, ?, Garrine Langstaff, Charles Pechta, August Marshall, Jack Winters, Carl Becker, ?, ?.

Seated, L-R - ?, ?, ?, ?, Herman Winters, ?, on shoulders ?, ?, ?, Ben Kelly, William Shimmelpenny, behind ?, ?, ?, John Roggenbuck, Leopold Gaave.

Picture courtesy of Fred Litzner who identified the known individuals.

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